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Salt Blocks Wholesale Pack of 200 Size 8X4X2

Salt Blocks Wholesale Pack of 200 Size 8X4X2

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Product Description

  • Himalayan Salt Blocks of 100% Pure Himalayan Pink Rock Salt.
  • Salt Blocks used to Construct Salt Room and Salt Wall Specially in SPA.
  • This Himalayan Salt Blocks Wholesale Pack of 500 is ideal for finishing a Home Decor and Home Improvement.
  • They have countless health benefits, making them fit for salt saunas and therapeutic rooms.
  • Himalayan Salt Blocks have extraordinary anti-bacterial properties, which purify the surroundings.
  • The Himalayan Salt Blocks produce salty air, which improves sleep patterns and breathing conditions, balance pH levels, fights allergies, and much more.
  • It is an ideal economical pack for extensive salt projects such as constructing therapeutic salt chambers, home improvement, and more.
  • Their enticing color palette and marble texture make them suitable for constructing opulent entrances, fireplaces, main walls, and kitchen interiors, among other applications.
  • Because the Blocks are incandescent, they allow the backlight to travel through and emit a warm amber glow.
  • Dimensions of each block 8"(L) x 4"(W) x 2"(H).
  • Weight of each block 5.5 pounds.
  • This comprehensive pack weighs a total of 1100 pounds.

Customer Reviews

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I was planning to expand my spa center. For that reason, I was looking for wholesale Himalayan salt block suppliers. Among all these suppliers, Himalayan salters came out. I was amazed by their pricing. But I ordered it. When it arrived at my doorstep, I took a look at these blocks carefully. I want to say that these blocks are very pure and unique. Thanks, Himalayan Salters