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Himalayan Salt Cooking Block of Size 8x8x1

Himalayan Salt Cooking Block of Size 8x8x1

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Product Description

  1. Himalayan Salt Cooking Block is crafted from 100% pure minerals, offering an infusion of Himalayan pink salt's enriching properties.
  2. Salt Cooking Block offers a first-rate flavor to the foods because of their mineral content and doesn’t make them too salty.
  3. It is good for grilling or cooking meats, vegetables, sparkling fruit, fish, seafood, chicken, and eggs.
  4. It can additionally be used for serving numerous dishes, as its textured amber color gives it an absolute royal appearance.
  5. It has a splendid cooking time, which prevents the meals from overcooking and losing their texture.
  6. The food also tastes very healthy upon being cooked on the mineral-enriched salt plate and also helps to cook rapidly.
  7. Cooking with salt helps reduce various allergies, improve pH levels, boost digestion, etc.
  8. Cooking on salt blocks helps reduce diverse allergies, improve pH levels, boost digestion, and many others.
  9. The dimensions of the Himalayan Salt Cooking Block are 8'' (L) x 8'' (W) x 1'' (H), and it weighs just 6.2 pounds.
  10. The Himalayan Salt Cooking Block is very budget-friendly.

Customer Reviews

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An Enchanting Culinary Journey

I recently had the pleasure of salt cooking slab and I must say that it was an extraordinary culinary experience that left me utterly captivated. From the moment. I'm very grateful for the delicious flavours it brought to the food.