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Himalayan Salt Bricks for Salt Room Size 8x4x2 Pack of 100

Himalayan Salt Bricks for Salt Room Size 8x4x2 Pack of 100

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Product Description

Salt bricks are made by shaping 100% pure pink Himalayan salt.
Salt bricks are used for making salt walls in SPAs, entrances, fancy staircases, and even the whole salt room as well.
Salt bricks can also be used to create a customized pink salt wall, salt panels, salt chambers, etc. at homes and offices for purification.
Natural pink salt bricks have user-friendly dimensions of 8(L) x 4(W) x 2(H).
The weight of each brick is 5.5 pounds.
Package weight: 550 pounds.

Customer Reviews

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Henry Ruth
Quality products

The product they offer is truly unique and does exactly what you would want. The solution they provide has helped stir large interest from customers due to the remarkable effects it has on our quality-sourced meat. Dealing with them has been a real pleasure; they are the only company I would use to build salt rooms.

Ross Geller

If you are a company that requires quality and authentic Himalayan salt products, then Himalayan Salters is the company to assist you. If you are looking for salt bricks and tiles for walls to cater to your home decor needs or to build a salt room, they are there to advise you and supply you with a high-quality product.